Interview: Stages and Stereos

I Promise Media: Start by introducing yourself. Who are you and what do you do in the band?
 Stages and Stereos: We are Stages and Stereos from Tallahassee, Florida. We are a five piece and our Members are
      Ian – Bass
      Daniel – Vocals
      Austin – Guitar
      Zach – Guitar
      Donnie – Drums
We were formed in 2007 but took a break when Ian wanted to serve in the Army. When he got hurt, Daniel and Austin went to see Ian in the hospital. (Ian lost his leg and two fingers after he was hit by an improvised explosive device.) Ian was instrumental to bringing us back together. His will to survive moved us and we had to give this a shot. Donnie and Zach rounded up the line up soon after!
I Promise Media: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard your band before?
Stages and Stereos: Our older stuff probably was alternative rock or pop rock but our new stuff is so hard to categorize. It has a little bit of all styles in it. It is rooted in our old sound with some new influences. Its definitely Stages though. Here is what you should know: whatever you call it we hope you love it and that it sticks with you forever!
I Promise Media: You guys have a new song out August 13, would you like to explain the song and any other new music that may be coming out soon?
Stages and Stereos: We are releasing “Small Town Favorites,” the single, on iTunes on August 13th but we made it available to stream on the Glamour Kills website as part of the announcement of our being on the Glamour Kills Tour with Mayday Parade. The song is a total sing along that you just can’t get out of your head once you listen to it! You have been warned. We are more excited about this new EP, also titled Small Town Favorites, than we have been about any other music we have ever been a part of. We have all been in other bands and are proud of that work, but this is something really special. We worked with Zack and Kenneth who have helped make some ridiculous albums! (Mayday, Cartel, Go Radio, Divided By Friday) They really brought out sounds from us that we didn’t even know we had. It was amazing. We are just trying to make music that is timeless.
I Promise Media: When did you all start playing music and why did you get into it?
Donnie: I grew up skateboarding which led me to listen to bands like Blink-182 and all of the Drive-Thru records bands. I would watch these band’s VHS’s or DVD’s and see how much energy went into their music and loved it. My parents bought me my first drum set when I was 14.
I Promise Media: Do you guys feel like you fit in with the Tallahassee scene, if not what is the music scene like up there.
Stages And Stereos: Tally has a strong music scene and all of our older friends were in bands. Daniel comes from a pretty musical family and we all just love music. (Daniel’s brother is Jason Lancaster from the band GoRadio and his sister is the singer in a band called A Mayfield Affair.) We always knew we wanted this so it was natural to go all in.
Donnie: I feel like we do in a lot of ways for sure. The guys that are in the “scene” in Tallahassee are some of our best friends. But at the same time, we don’t want to be pigeon holed into just one scene at all.
I Promise Media: If you guys could tour with any band (dead, alive, together, broken up) who would it be and why?
Stages and Stereos: Not to sound cheesy, but we are really playing with our number one pick this fall, Mayday Parade. Seriously, they broke so many barriers and made so many memorable songs that we have all sung from the top of our lungs. We are all huge fans of Brand New, Saves The Day and Jimmy Eat World! That tour would be awesome.
Donnie: The Beatles. They are The Beatles.
I Promise Media: What/Who are your influences when writing new material and also who influences your live performance?
Stages and Stereos: The Killers have been a huge influence recently. That band does it right. Anything that we are going thru in our own personal lives seems to find its way to shine thru in our songs as well.
I Promise Media: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals that you can share with us? I know some bands like to keep theirs a secret.
Stages and Stereos: We all just kind of zone out on our own and we don’t talk much. Right before we go on stage we get together and knuckle it out because we think that makes us look tough. It does doesn’t it?
Donnie: I usually make a playlist on my phone of about 6 six songs that I like to listen to before playing a show. It usually goes from The Chariot to Bon Iver, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
I Promise Media: What has been your favorite show to play to date? Any shows that you guys are excited for?
Stages and Stereos: Our favorite so far would probably be any hometown show that we have played. There is not many things better than having your best friends screaming lyrics back at you. You have to check back with us at the end of this tour. FOR SURE we will have more.
I Promise Media: Have you guys heard any crazy rumors about your band as a whole or anyone in the band?
Stages And Stereos:
NO! Are there any we should know about?
Donnie:  I have heard that Daniel was abducted by aliens, which is 100% accurate.
I Promise Media: If you were stuck on a dessert island what would be the ONE album you would bring with you and why?
Stages and Stereos: Death Cab For Cutie- Plans because it is perfect.
I Promise Media: With the 90’s craze happening right now, If you could be any 90’s tv show which show would you be and why?
Stages And Stereos: Boy Meets World.
Donnie: I watched that show everyday of my life when it was on tv. I would have liked to grow up with the Matthews brothers.
I Promise Media: Any last words? Anything that you are dying to say?
Stages and Stereos: We never forget were we come from. Even though we get to play on stage every night, we know exactly what it is like to be the guys hoping for a chance. We do not take this for granted. We remember what it is like to be a fan waiting to say hi! So please if you come out and spend your money and time with us, know we appreciate it and you to no end. If there is a line, if you are shy or even if you we have never met before – come up and say hello! We value our fans who make it possible to make our dreams come true. I guess we just want to say thanks for being with us.

Photo Recap: Summer Sickness Tour


This past weekend we were able to hang out with Ballyhoo!, Authority Zero and Versus the World at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Fla. This was a dual CD release show for Ballyhoo! and Authority Zero so go and check out their new music and give them a like!  We had an amazing time with all of these bands and they put on an amazing show despite the rain! Here are a few of our favorite shots from the show and to see the rest of the pictures from this show click either here or at the link at the bottom of the page.

Authority ZeroDSC_0372 copy DSC_0326 copy

Ballyhoo!DSC_0426 copy DSC_0405 copy

Versus The WorldDSC_0368 copyDSC_0366

To find the rest of our pictures click here!

Countdown to Warped Tour.

With warped tour only 18 days away until the first Florida date, we at I Promise Media are extremely excited! Just like last year we have a mass post of tips on how to survive warped tour. This year we added a new twist to this page, we brought you tips from some of our favorite people in the industry including Palisades, Figures, The Wellz Street Journal, The Adolescent Theory and many more. Go check out our page on the banner above or click here!

Figures To Play First Show


Our amazing and good  friends in Figures, from Tampa, Fla are playing their first show as a band this week. The show will be at Evo Records in Lakeland, Fla, check out the flyer above for the address, lineup and times. Click the flyer for the event page! Check out there facebook here. Give them a like and tell them we sent you!

Album Review: Outcasts by Palisades


New Jersey’s own Palisades have officially released their first full length album on Rise Records. Contrasting from their first EP, these five men have grown and their music shows that progression. Lately Palisades have been landing big tours with bands such as The Almost, Crown The Empire and Memphis May Fire.

Just like other Rise Records bands, this album includes more than one collaboration. The title track  and also the first single off this album “Outcasts” has a great collaboration with Andy Leo of Crown The Empire. This was the first song any of the fans heard off of this new album and personally I was very impressed. Another collaboration on this album is the song High And Low featuring Tyler Carter of Issues. This song is extremely processed and more towards an electronic sound compared to the rest of the album. At first listen I was slightly confused about this song and how it is placed on the album but after it was over I decided that I really like it. It is a very catchy song but personally I feel like it sounds more like an Issues song than one that belongs on a Palisades album. One of the main things that stands out in this album is the digitization of some of the courses. I feel like this is a great way to string the entire album together and also give it a unique style to their music. I also like the opening track to this album “We All Are” because it sets a great mood and shows exactly what the album is about. One of the other songs that I like, well for the most part, is “Sidney“. This song is pretty much the ballad of the album and shows the softer side to this band. Even though the lyrics are adorable, I feel like it is over processed and should have been left raw. Lou Miceli (singer), has a great voice and I feel like it should have been showcased a bit more, at least on this song.

Overall I was expecting a little bit more breakdowns, but I was okay that it shows how they have matured as a band. I do love what they did with their first full length. This album has a different feel to it than the music Palisades first put out as a band. I am very excited to see what the future has in store for this band because I feel like they are becoming big very quickly and they deserve every bit of it.


three and half stars copy

New Music: The Blackout by Like Moths To Flames

The Blackout by Like Moths To Flames

Like Moths To Flames have released their new single today called The Blackout which is off of their new album “And Eye For An Eye”. This new album will be out June 9th exclusively on Rise Records. Pre-order their new album here and check out the new single above. Also they will be on all dates of warped tour this summer so go check them out on the Monster Energy Stage.

New Music: When I Was Your Man (Cover) by Set It Off

When I Was Your Man (Cover) by Cody Carson and Dan Clermont (Set It Off)

Our good buds in Set It Off have recently posted a cover video of Bruno Mars’ song “When I was Your Man”. Check out the video above and also check out Set It Off all summer on the Vans Warped Tour! And also be on the look out for the Re-Issue of Cinematics featuring four new songs which will be out June 25th

New Music Video: I Like That by Before You Exit

I Like That by Before You Exit

Earlier in the week we posted an exclusive album review for the new Before You Exit EP “I Like That”. They just released their new music video this week for the title track off the Ep. Check out the new music video above and the behind the scenes video here . They are also currently on tour with Cody Simpson from now until June 27. Dates can be found below!

6/6       Bayou Music Center                                                     Houston, TX
6/7       The Palladium                                                                Dallas, TX
6/8       Lila Cockrell Theatre                                                   San Antonio, TX
6/9       The Plaza Theatre                                                          El Paso, TX
6/12     Celebrity Theatre                                                          Phoenix, AZ
6/13     The Rialto Theatre                                                        Tucson, AZ
6/14     Club Nokia                                                                        Los Angeles, CA
6/16     The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel                                   Las Vegas, NV
6/19     Saroyan Theatre                                                            Fresno, CA
6/20     The Warfield                                                                    San Francisco, CA
6/21      Sacramento Community Center Theater            Sacramento, CA
6/22      Roseland Theater                                                         Portland, OR
6/23      Paramount Theatre                                                     Seattle, WA
6/24      Orpheum Theatre                                                        Vancouver, Canada
6/27      MacEwan Hall Ballroom                                           Calgary, Canada
6/28      Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium               Edmonton, Canada
6/30      Burton Cummings Theatre                                      Winnipeg, Canada
7/2         State Theatre                                                                 Minneapolis, MN
7/5         Akoo Theatre at Rosemont                                     Rosemont, IL
7/8         Massey Hall                                                                    Toronto, Canada
7/10      Metropolis                                                                     Montreal, Canada
7/12      Tower Theater                                                              Upper Darby, PA
7/13      Carnegie Library Music Hall                                  Munhall, PA
7/14      DAR Constitution Hall                                              Washington, DC
7/17     State Theater                                                                New Brunswick, NJ
7/18      Best Buy Theater                                                        New York, NY
7/20     House of Blues Boston                                              Boston, MA
7/23     Royal Oak Music Theatre                                        Royal Oak, MI
7/24     Peabody Opera House                                             St. Louis, MO
7/25     The Midland by AMC                                               Kansas City, MO
7/26     The Cotillion                                                                Wichita, KS
7/27    Ogden Theatre                                                             Denver, CO

Album Review: I Like That by Before You Exit


Orlando based band, Before You Exit has gone through some changes since they first started. Composed of three brothers; Connor, Riley and Toby (all under the age of 20) they have taken over the scene and landed some big name tours with artists such as Olly Murs and Cody Simpson.  The new EP titled I Like That, is a solid record composed of 6 songs showing off their new style and the new direction of this band. This style sounds like a One Direction/Jonas Brothers mashup which seems to be going over very well with the fans, I mean they have over 1600 on Facebook!

Personally my favorite track on the album has to be the title track “I Like That” within the first two times listening to it I was signing along. It has a very catchy chorus and very easy to just dance around too. Another song that really sticks out to me is Three Perfect Days. Based out of Orlando, I have gotten the pleasure to watch these young men grow up and I remember the first time they ever played this song a few years ago when it didn’t have a title and sounded very different. Im impressed with the development of this song and Im happy that they finally let everyone hear it.  Over all this is a very sold EP which shows the new side of this band. Even though they are young, they all have a great voice and also a drive to take over this scene which I honestly think is possible for this band.

Rating:three and half stars copy